Coming from a brand that lives by the core philosohy "Follow Your Passion" STOPNOWHERE presents "Bike Trails". A journal for the rush seeking biking enthusiasts. Both, riders as well as the one-day-I-will-ride riders. Because unlike other cycling journal Bike Trails doesn't just provide you space to write.

But also sits by you as a companion whenever you feel like sharing a thought. Stands by you as a motivator when you feel like giving in. And also this cycling journal provides useful information about the latest bicycle gadgets and accessories so that you keep riding in style.


Cycling Journal - BikeTrails includes a unique feature "Bicyclander". A special calendar which you can use for 50 years. Which means, now you can plan your bike trips days in advance.


Imagine a life without trees, mountains, rivers and a plethora of other awe inspiring species. How dull and lifeless it would be. That's why to save us from that mundane life, we strongly support protection of nature. And precisely due to this with every copy of Bike Trails we provide you a pack of seeds to plant new trees. Be a friend to nature!


At the beginning of every month, BikeTrails asks you to set a dream target for yourself. In other words, it puts you against your own self. Because we believe, a dream is more likely to be achieved when it is noted down by oneself.


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