Bike Trails – Analog Bike Journal in the world of digital diary

Bike Trails by STOPNOWHERE

Today with all the technological developments and fast paced lifestyle, somewhere we don’t get much time for ourselves. And with that, our constant presence on the social networking sites & other connecting apps, we further increase the distance. So we end up trying to connect with others than ourselves. And that’s simply because we hardly get to spend some My Time.

That’s why, to help you fetch some precious time with yourself we came up with a Bike Journal or diary and not an app. Because we believe that just like riding, writing too takes you closer to yourself. Makes you explore yourself and in turn helps you find peace. The one thing we all wish for. And with BikeTrails this is what we are trying to do for you.

Bike Trails by STOPNOWHERE

Also we understand, that to some Bike Trails may look like going a step backward. Because here you have to sit and write and spend some time skimming through your thoughts, which is unlike operating on any app but actually this is what takes you closer to yourself. Here you can sit for hours writing about your most exciting bike rides or jot down some memorable instances or just plan for some bike tours in the future. You can also scribble around in the diary, make cute little caricatures or symbols or just use it as a normal diary. The choice is yours. Use it the way you want. Plus you also get to link in with thousands of cyclists around the world. Which means, you get to connect with others as well as yourself! So why not go writing as you ride.

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